Ten Reasons to Invest in a Wooden Gazebo In St. Louis, Missouri

Start enjoying the natural beauty of your property when you invest in a wooden gazebo. You’ll be thrilled with its effect on your lifestyle

Do you tend to neglect your outdoor property?

Opting to hang out inside in front of the television instead of enjoying the great outdoors? Does the hot sun or wild weather prevent you from enjoying your backyard?

It’s time to start taking advantage of your outdoor living space! The addition of a gazebo to your front or back yard may be the perfect excuse for you to get out and get some fresh air. Expand your living space into the outdoors and lose the cabin fever.

Not convinced that a gazebo is worth your time and money? Here are ten reasons why it’s a worthy investment of both.

1. Add Elegance and Function to Any Outdoor Space

Wooden Gazebo

Is there something missing in the design aesthetic of your backyard? A flair of elegance, perhaps? Does the hot sun or unfavorable weather force you to avoid your outdoor living space? You’ll solve both of these concerns with a gazebo.

The addition of a gazebo will provide elegance and function to your yard, whether you go with a traditional octagonal cedar gazebo or something more modern. A new gazebo structure fits into any outdoor space. If you have a large area to work with, you might opt for a large octagon or circle, while a square or rectangle will fit nicely into a small corner.

2. Add Value to Your Home

Any home improvement project will add value to your property, but a gazebo will succeed at this in more than one way. Not only will it improve the monetary value of your home, but it will draw in prospective buyers if you decide to part with the property someday.

Imagine being a buyer and choosing between two houses. Wouldn’t you go with the one with a gazebo? Appraisers and buyers alike will appreciate the extra backyard living space or the elegant curb appeal of a front yard gazebo.

3. Enjoy an Outdoor Dining Room

It’s hard to enjoy a meal outdoors if hot temperatures or a surprise rainstorm decide to join you. A gazebo provides shade from the sun and shelter from unpredictable weather, making it an ideal structure for an outdoor dining area.

A modestly-sized gazebo provides the perfect space for a backyard breakfast table. If you’re looking to seat more than a few people, a large rectangular gazebo offers enough cover for the whole extended family.

4. Host Get-Togethers and Parties

Extending your outdoor area with a gazebo means you can host your friends and family without cramming a dozen people into your living room. Invite your guests outdoors to share a meal or play some cards in your outdoor dining space.

Perhaps you will decide to fill your gazebo with comfortable seating to enjoy the company of friends and family. However you use your new gazebo, your guests will appreciate the time they spend with you in a welcoming outdoor space.

5. Rejoice in Minimal Upkeep

A gazebo provides elegance and function to a space without needing much in return. Besides a wash and some fresh paint or stain when required, a gazebo requires very little maintenance. You might opt for a shingled roof, which can last for many years, or you may go with an aluminum roof that won’t rust over time.

6. Bring Modern Amenities to Your Outdoor Space

Add warm lighting to your gazebo to enjoy summer nights outside. A built-in sound system will set the mood whether you’re trying to have a lovely outside nap or are throwing a birthday party. You can even install a television so that you can keep up with your favorite sports team while the kids play in the pool. You’ll enjoy your new gazebo regardless of which amenities you choose.

7. Use Your Backyard in the Winter

It might seem like gazebos are only for use in the warmer seasons, but with the right style, you can enjoy your gazebo year-round. Keep snow out with screens or wall-in your gazebo for more protection. A sunroom-style gazebo can offer the feeling of being surrounded by nature on all sides without exposing you to the elements.

If you keep the gazebo open, you might add a gas-fueled fire pit or space heaters to keep you warm and comfortable. Just because it’s wintertime shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy being outside.

8. Enjoy Barbecuing in a Grill Gazebo

If you’re the family grillmaster, claim a protected area to barbecue with a wooden gazebo. Isn’t it frustrating when you’ve thawed out the steaks, but it hasn’t stopped raining yet? With a grill gazebo, the weather will never again stop you from enjoying a barbecue dinner.

A grill gazebo is an excellent option if you have limited outdoor space. After all, it only needs to be big enough to accommodate you and your grill. Consider adding cabinetry, a sink, and a fridge to your gazebo to create a fully-functional outdoor kitchen if you have plenty of space.

9. Relax in a Poolside Gazebo

Is your outdoor pool missing that welcoming touch that will convince you it’s time to use it? Build a gazebo beside your swimming pool for a shaded swimmer’s retreat.

Add comfy, water-resistant furniture, a swing, an outdoor shower, or even a hot tub to complete your poolside structure. You may build a bar into your gazebo design to provide swimmers with refreshing drinks and cold snacks.

10. Build a Rooftop Gazebo

If your outdoor space is on your roof, not in your yard, you can still make the most of the area with a rooftop gazebo. Whether you build a large structure for a new outdoor kitchen or a small design with a daybed, it will give you an excuse to enjoy your rooftop area while staying protected from the weather.

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