Ten Of The Best Pergola Roof Ideas For Your Backyard

Closed roof pergola over a patio

Pergolas are wonderful additions to decks and patios in any backyard. They give backyards a more elegant aesthetic and offer some shade to sit under.

But, sometimes they need something to make them more enjoyable. The shade they do offer is not enough for everyone. If this is the case, you will want to take a look at these patio roof ideas. You can use them to take your pergola to the next level.

What Are Pergola Roofs?

More and more homeowners are choosing to install a roof for their pergola each year. A pergola roof is a shade solution that blocks more of the sun so if you’re looking to be outside without being directly under the sun, this is your fix. They can also give your patio or deck enough shelter that you can sit out and enjoy a slightly rainy day.

Pergolas come in many shapes, designs, and sizes. Below are some of the more popular pergola roof ideas among your neighbors.

Retractable Roofing

This has been around for some time now! You can also get a pergola roof that is completely retractable, making it easier to lay out in the sun if you want to tan or enjoy some nice weather. It’s like having a sunroof in your car.

You can close your retractable roof immediately if it starts raining and stay out to enjoy the relaxing sound. This solution provides the best of both worlds.

Static Paneling (aka Polycarbonate Paneling)

Static paneling is a more modern angle for outdoor roofs with stylish designs that are awe-inspiring and contemporary.

They tend to have a more see-through design instead of being cloudier, letting you see through its plexiglass. Since it doesn’t open or close, there’s not really much to do aside from enjoying it!

Installing an Awning

Pergola with awning

Another relatively common way to spruce up your pergola roof is to add an awning. An awning is a piece of canvas that can stretch over or under your pergola. It’s a stylish type of coverage that makes your pergola both more comfortable and more colorful.

You don’t need to keep it out all the time. Many homeowners store their awning during the cooler months when they don’t use their deck or patio as often. You can usually find fabric awnings in a cream color that works well with many color schemes. This is a pretty simple option to go with.

Metal Louver Pergola Roof

Louvered roofs rank among the most elegant and efficient of the different pergola roofs. This roof type gives you the option to tilt the roof panels, which can keep sunlight off of your patio or deck or, if you want, it will let it in.

You can make this kind of roof automated, meaning you can open or close it with the flick of a switch. This makes it easier and faster to transition between the open and closed positions.

Metal is one of the best materials to use for your pergola roof since it can last for several decades. This helps make it one of the most durable roof types.

Fortunately, this metal is not likely to cause lightning strikes, making it a pretty desirable outdoor roof. Metal roofs are also one of the more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient shading solutions.

Give Your Pergola a Beach Vibe

Even though we’re in St. Louis, your pergola roof can create a beachy feel for your outdoor space. These shutters use drapes, usually white, to block out most of the sunlight. They also help to keep your pergola cool and comfortable in the heat.

You can also add a daybed to your beach-themed pergola. This can make it the ideal place for an afternoon nap or relaxing by your water feature.

Give Your Pergola a Bamboo Covering

Bamboo pergola roofs give a rustic feel to your outdoor space. Other plants can grow over your bamboo to create a green and earthy outdoor atmosphere.

One of the drawbacks to bamboo roofs is they aren’t great in harsher weather conditions.

Use Spotlights as an Accessory

Pergola with lights

You can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space with warm spotlights, no matter the roof type. Relaxing under your pergola roof at night can be a soothing and serene experience. Add citronella Tiki torches to help keep insects away.

A warm, bright pergola helps create an environment where you can make wonderful memories with your friends and family.

Create a Waterfall Using the Roof

Adding a waterfall to your pergola roof will create a beautiful and unique look. Water will fall from the roof down into a water feature or gravel basin. Consider adding a chain that connects the roof to the basin to help streamline the water a bit!

There’s nothing more serene and majestic to add to your pergola roof.

Add a Garden Space Overhead

If you love plants and gardening, you can outfit your pergola roof with plants to create an incredible springtime retreat. Adorn your pergola with climbing plants so it resembles a romantic outdoor cottage.

Install a Trellis Pergola

Pergola with trellis

Trellis pergolas can serve several purposes. You can use it to have more shade, grow plants, and make your pergola look more beautiful. We recommend combining your trellis structure with climbing plants to enhance the aesthetic.

Trellis pergolas will add more privacy to your pergola. It is a charming design that will keep sunlight away from your home and allow for an ideal gardening environment.

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