9 Pergola Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space in St. Louis

Thinking about upgrading your backyard? A pergola makes a great addition to any outdoor space.

Pergolas are the Perfect Addition to Any Outdoor Space

Pergolas are outdoor structures made up of posts, beams, and rafters or canopies. Usually rectangular, they provide shade, protection, and function for a more dynamic and beautiful outdoor living space in Missouri backyards. 

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custom backyard pergola

What You Need to Know About Installing a Pergola

Here are a few things to consider before you begin your pergola project. Before building your pergola, research or think about the following: 

●        Sun exposure: Consider the area where you want to build your pergola. How much sun exposure does it get? From which direction? How much sunlight do you want in that space?

●        Building materials: What type of materials suit your vision? Will you go with traditional wood or something more modern like metal or prefabricated materials? Will you use fabric to close it in, such as curtains or a canvas canopy? What about glass or other transparent materials?

●        Zoning laws: What are the zoning laws for the city where you live? What about the county and region? What approvals do you need, and how long does it usually take to get them?

●        Building codes: What are the height restrictions for outdoor structures in your area? Are there other building codes to which you must adhere?

●        Budget: How much do you want to spend on your pergola project? Do you have any wiggle room?

●        Contractor or DIY: Would you prefer an easy-to-assemble kit from a local retailer, or do you want to hire a team of professionals? 

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to plan the specifics of your pergola project. Are you not sure where to start? Keep reading for a list of nine pergola ideas.

9 Great Ideas for Your New Pergola

1. Entryways

A pergola structure can establish or enhance entryways on your property. For example, you may opt for a small, simple design that invites you into your garden. Add ivy, grapes, or other vine plants to the pergola for a seamless transition into your verdant paradise. 

Pergolas can enhance entryways on your home, too. An attached pergola right outside your door can change the whole aesthetic of the entry, adding drama and style.

Pergola with string lights and jasmine growing in it

2. Shade and Cover

A pergola’s primary purpose is to offer shade and cover to your outdoor living space—be that a deck, a patio, or a lawn. If you’re unsatisfied with the shelter that the rafters alone provide, consider using other materials to complete the roof. Wood slats and screens offer more shade while keeping the pergola feeling open. Opt for thatching or weatherproof cloth material like canvas if you want more of an enclosed roof. 

We offer various roofing options at Perfect My Home, including polycarbonate panels. These weather-resistant roof panels are transparent to allow sunlight while still protecting against rain and wind.

3. Protection and Privacy

Pergolas don’t have to be open to the elements on all sides. You can add screens, close off the space with curtains, or build walls for privacy. Wood slats walls are perfect if you’re going for a rustic look, but you can also enclose the area with stone or tall plants.

4. Comfort and Amenity

Add lights to your pergola to enjoy your outdoor living space at night. Other features like fans, space heaters, or fireplaces bring comfort to the area in hot or cold weather. Need some music to truly relax into the space? Add a sound system or even a single Bluetooth speaker. 

The team here at Perfect My Home can tackle your outdoor fireplace if you want to enjoy your backyard during the winter season.

5. Curb Appeal and Value

Is your home’s exterior boring? Is it missing that extra bit of interest to set it apart? Awning pergolas offer an outstanding balance between aesthetics and function. Place an awning pergola over your garage door, an outdoor bar, or the main entryway for a bolder style and better curb appeal. Landscape design upgrades can also increase the value of your home.

custom backyard pergola with outdoor dining area

6. Outdoor Living

One function of a pergola is to extend outdoor living space. You may opt to expand on a preexisting porch or add function to the middle of your backyard with a freestanding structure. Add in seating, a swing, a daybed, or a fire pit to create a comfortable, relaxing space where you can spend time with your friends and family (or spend time with a good book, if that’s more your speed).

7. Outdoor Cooking

A pergola is also an excellent option for covering outdoor cooking or bar areas. Whether your backyard boasts a standalone grill or a full-size outdoor kitchen (complete with bar seating and beer taps), a pergola will bring style and cover to the space. 

Are you thinking about putting in an outdoor kitchen but haven’t committed yet? Let our Perfect My Home team construct the perfect outdoor kitchen for you, complete with a pergola built right into the design.

8. Outdoor Dining

Do you enjoy having your meals outside? When it comes to outdoor dining areas, shade and protection are essential. Use a pergola to create a protected and inviting dining space, whether it’s attached to your home or freestanding. 

Is one side of your outdoor dining table always in the sun, even with the addition of a pergola? Add pull-down shades to the sides for added shade and protection.

9. Outdoor Fun

A pergola can also add shade and beauty to active backyard pursuits. Build one poolside to give swimmers a break from the sun, or use one to protect your children’s outdoor play area from the elements. You might even use a pergola structure to create an outdoor workout studio so you can do your yoga in the presence of nature but the comfort of the shade.

Let Us Bring Your Pergola Ideas to Life in St. Louis, Missouri

Here at Perfect My Home, we can bring your backyard dreams to life and keep your St. Louis backyard comfortable, whether it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Contact us today to get a quote on your pergola project.

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