Nine Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Worth Considering

Covered outdoor kitchen ideas like glass roof and dining area

Many homeowners enjoy cooking and entertaining while spending time outdoors. An outdoor kitchen combines these two things to create the ideal outdoor entertainment space. If you’re considering an outdoor kitchen, covered outdoor kitchen ideas serve as an excellent place to start planning.

With special appliances, different materials, and versatile setups, outdoor kitchens allow you to grill and enjoy time with friends and family simultaneously. Although indoor kitchens work just as effectively, outdoor cooking spaces provide convenience and make cooking effortless.

Are you ready to create your outdoor kitchen? Consider these ideas to get started.

Top Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

1. Grills for a Covered Kitchen

Closeup of grill in outdoor kitchen

The grill represents the most crucial aspect of a covered kitchen. You’ll spend most of your time at the grill, making it critical to select a model that meets your cooking demands. Do you want a hefty, stainless steel grill with advanced temperature controls and timers or a smaller grill with basic features?

Consider how many people you’ll be entertaining and how frequently. This will help you determine what you want in an outdoor grill. You’ll likely want to choose something proportionate to your cooking and entertaining demands.

2. L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

An L-shaped outdoor kitchen gives your backyard a modern appearance without taking up too much space. It fits all your necessary appliances in an L-shaped arrangement. A singular color aesthetic makes the kitchen look sleek and matches your patio furniture.

Home appliances, including refrigerators, grills, power burners, and trash receptacles, fit in an easy-to-reach location. You don’t have to go far to get your essential items or keep food and drinks fresh.

3. Hidden Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Small covered outdoor kitchen

Hidden covered outdoor kitchen ideas make a popular option due to their exceptional privacy. Your covered patio becomes the center of entertainment with a secret outdoor kitchen. Design a small shed to accommodate your kitchen appliances and hide the outdoor kitchen behind double doors.

A covered option is ideal for protecting your kitchen. The last thing you want is to damage your outdoor kitchen appliances. With a hidden covered outdoor kitchen, you never have to worry about your kitchen’s security and safety.

4. Built-In Trash Bin

When handling packages of raw meat, you definitely do not want to have to take a trip back inside to throw away your trash. Instead, include a trash receptacle in your outdoor kitchen. This convenient feature eliminates plastic trash cans and hides your garbage and recyclables in a hidden bin under the counter.

When it’s time to empty the trash, being outside makes it even easier to take garbage bags to the dumpster. Your outdoor kitchen will have more space and stay cleaner.

5. Timeless Stone Kitchen

Choose a timeless material—stone. It works with many covered outdoor kitchen ideas. Between the patio material and pull-out access area, stone gives your outside kitchen a rustic and durable look. Neutral colors match your outdoor area’s aesthetic easily.

Whether you want basic amenities or an advanced setup, a stone kitchen makes this possible. Consider a charcoal grill, mini-fridge, and dining area as your main elements in a small backyard. Opt for a wrap-around countertop to entertain many guests in a larger outdoor space.

6. Expanded Outdoor Patio Kitchen

Patio with outdoor kitchen

Homeowners wanting a versatile outdoor kitchen experience can use vinyl walls to create a living space that perfectly blends the indoors and outdoors. Expand a rustic outdoor kitchen beyond your patio by retracting vinyl walls and awnings to open up the space. When finished, cover the patio again.

This design protects your appliances from unsavory weather while putting you close to nature. With a screened-in perimeter, you can enjoy the breeze while cooking and ensure your outdoor kitchen has ample protection.

7. Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven

Pizza is a party staple that you can make in your outdoor kitchen. Your friends and family can easily create and bake fresh pizzas with a stone pizza oven. Whether you want a small pizza oven for the occasional gathering or a towering pizza oven to fit large pies, many options are available.

Choose from a custom pizza oven or a pre-made model. Regardless of your selection, your backyard will become the entertainment hub of the neighborhood with an outdoor pizza oven.

8. Outdoor Kitchen With Power Burner

Another of the most popular covered outdoor kitchen ideas includes an outdoor kitchen with a power burner. A power burner refers to a unique burner that reaches high temperatures quickly. They offer much more heat than a store-bought grill.

Cook for and entertain large groups in your outdoor kitchen. You can boil a giant pot of water in a few minutes with a power burner. Boil corn, crab, lobster, and more without having to lift the pot or struggling to monitor it.

9. Modern St. Louis Kitchen Outdoors

Outdoor kitchen with smoker and more

Outdoor dining in St. Louis offers a modern experience with many covered outdoor kitchen ideas. Become one with nature while enjoying high-tech appliances such as a state-of-the-art meat smoker, stainless steel sink and fridge, a flat-top grill, and more. Select a high-quality countertop with a sink and trash receptacle to complete your outdoor setup.

Consider a durable marble or granite countertop, 48-inch grill, and a pizza oven if you want all the top features. You’ll have enough outdoor seating and counter space to entertain and prepare meals for your family, friends, and neighbors, no matter what you cook.

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