12 Porch Railing Ideas Great For Porches And Decks

Your Neighbors In Chesterfield, Missouri, And The Surrounding Areas Are Looking At These Porch Railing Ideas For Their Porch Or Deck

Looking up ideas for your project is a fantastic idea! You can use them to help create the perfect look for your porch or deck.

In this post, you can find style and material ideas for railings.

Modern porch railing ideas include glass with metal poles

12 Porch Railing Ideas You’ll Love

1. Drink railing

This is a necessity if you want to entertain on your deck.

A drink rail has a larger, flat top you can put your drink on. Then, when you or anyone is standing next to the rail, you can keep your drink with you. There will be no need to hold it the whole time or walk away to set it down and pick it back up.

2. Sawn baluster railing

A baluster is the vertical part between the handrail and the bottom of the rai (i.e., the poles).

Sawn baluster rails are flat and intricately cut to form a design. They aren’t the round or square poles many people are used to seeing with porch railing ideas. There’s almost an endless number of sawn baluster designs you can choose to use.

3. Vertical railing

You can choose a style that will never be obsolete or look bad.

Vertical railings are simply that- vertical poles between the handrail and bottom. They’ll be more of a background detail, so any decor still takes center stage. You’ll love how they make your porch or deck look more open and spacious.

4. Horizontal railing

This is one railing style you may not see very often.

Horizontal railings have the poles running from post to post instead of handrail to bottom. It’s a unique look that deserves to be on this list.

5. Chippendale railing

This style also helps porches and decks look more open and exciting.

Chippendale rails have a repeating geometric pattern that adds visual interest to any structure. They have a great balance between traditional and modern styles.

6. Criss-Cross railing

You just may love the Southern charm that comes with porch railing ideas like this one.

Cris-cross railings form a repeating X pattern. It’s a different aesthetic that draws the eyes but doesn’t become the focal point of porches or decks.

7. Cable railing

If you like a more subtle look, you may want to use this idea.

Cable railings are more minimalistic because the railing material is skinnier than the others on this list. You can have the cables go vertically, horizontally, both, and even diagonally.

8. Wood railing

This is the most traditional and timeless material you can choose.

Wood is great because it brings a warm, inviting look to porches and decks. You can paint or stain wood railings in almost any color, too! Wood is susceptible to many damages, so consistent maintenance is necessary.

9. Composite railing

You’ll love composite porch railing ideas if you want the wood look without the higher level of maintenance.

Composite materials are a combination of wood and other materials such as plastic. This makes it harder to damage than pure wood. They look the same as wood railings, so you’re getting a better version of wood!

10. Metal railing

This is ideal if you want a more modern look for your porch or deck.

Black, bronze, copper, and other color metal railing choices are yours to choose from. You can make them straight, curvy, twisted, or another design.

11. Glass railing

This idea is for the most modern homeowner.

Glass is beautiful, makes porches and decks seem way more spacious, and is a unique look. You’ll need to clean it more often to keep it looking good, but the look can be worth it.

12. Combination railing

You don’t have to just settle for one of these porch railing ideas if you want more!

Metal and wood railing combinations are popular, mostly metal poles with wooden handrails and bottoms. You can mix in brick or stone columns to spice up the look, too.

Find The Style That Best Suits You!

You are only a few more steps away from getting a porch or deck now that you have some ideas for your railing.

If you want to talk about your project in more detail, contact us. Or, you can find out more on our deck building page.

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